WorkEDout turns ONE!

October 2020

May 2019: The first seeds of workEDout are born…via WhatsApp (obviously!)

It’s been a YEAR since we launched WorkEDout.

A year since a coffee chat turned into a clear cut (ISH!?) campaign.

So! What have we learnt so far?!

1. We don’t know everything. We’ll NEVER know everything. We’re learning alongside all the wonderful people who interact, engage, listen and respond to workEDout. Everytime we open a seemingly brief conversation, it opens up MANY more and for this we’re so grateful. Our experiences AND your experiences…that’s how we learn, right?

2. People want to talk. People want to listen. People WANT TO LEARN. Professionals. Sufferers. PT’s. Clients. Friends. Strangers. This conversation has been quiet or non-existent for SO long, yet give people ‘permission’ and a means to communicate…and many will!

3. Campaign co-founders need coffee.

4. Campaign co-founders need cake.


A brief summary of workEDout’s first year!

6. My recovery is on-going. My recovery will always be on-going. My relationship with food, exercise and body image continues to change and grow, and I hope that workEDout and our story reflects and brings more understanding to those changes. For us, for me and for you!

7. Running a campaign with someone else is better than running it alone. When one is short of time, the other takes time. When one is tired of life, the other gives them life! When one talks too much…the other tells them “enough”. It. Just. Works… and we’re just happier for it!

8. The best plan is no plan. The best structure is YOUR structure. The best pressure is no pressure. Who knows where workEDout will go, who knew where workEDout would go (Russian TV FFS?!?!)

We’ve always said…if we can reach one person. Make them feel heard, understood and/or able to speak out to someone they trust and say…

“I’ve got this thing I want to share with you”

(February 2019 – The coffee/cake date where Leah told Carly about her eating disorder history)

…workEDout has, and will continue to achieve what it set out to do. From when I first shared my story with Carly in a chocolate shop nearly two years ago…to when we first shared our story with you (now a whole year ago!)..we just want to say a big ol’ THANKS really!

Are you ready for year two? No doubt…it’ll be unprecedented…(Ok. Seriously I’ll stop using that word now).


WorkEDout’s initial branding designs

By Leah

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