Exercising whilst underweight and/or under-fuelled.

What’s the harm? When I was stuck in my punitive, compulsive exercise regime in the midst of my battle with Anorexia, I was convinced my workouts were doing ‘something’. Losing fat, gaining muscle, maintaining or reducing weight…any/all of it, I didn’t really know but I thought exercise was one of the biggest players in myContinue reading “Exercising whilst underweight and/or under-fuelled.”

Reflective sh*t from a newly qualified PT.

I’ve finally (1 Pandemic and 3 lockdowns later) qualified as a Personal Trainer! A year ago, I signed up to do my Level 2 Fitness Instructor, and Level 3 Personal Training qualifications.  I knew I wanted to do it in the future, but when the COVID-19 pandemic ‘hit’, lockdown left many of us with moreContinue reading “Reflective sh*t from a newly qualified PT.”

Online fitness and Eating Disorders: Friend or foe?

“I had flashbacks of punishing kitchen based workouts, secretive compulsive exercising, and an underlying dread of associating my tiny home with movement over rest.“ A year ago, I would NOT have exercised from home. With a history of an Eating Disorder this would have been dangerous territory for me. Having worked so hard to restoreContinue reading “Online fitness and Eating Disorders: Friend or foe?”

“I sat happily in a bikini. I walked freely into a bar. I ate simply because…I wanted to.”

By Leah When I was first diagnosed, I told anyone who would listen (which wasn’t many!!) that I wasn’t… “supposed to get an eating disorder…it’s just not…like me?!” My diagnosis of Anorexia was given almost immediately as I was lucky (?!) enough to be “lobbed” (my words aged 18) into mental health services from theContinue reading ““I sat happily in a bikini. I walked freely into a bar. I ate simply because…I wanted to.””

“Please look after yourself, I do worry”

Learning to trust someone with an Eating Disorder again: ‘You step back. You grit your teeth, and you support them in taking teeny tiny risky steps which have the potential to go wrong’ By Leah I committed (or perhaps surrendered) fully to my recovery on the 10th June 2016. I’d hit rock bottom. Literally. AContinue reading ““Please look after yourself, I do worry””

All I wanted for Christmas was recovery

Supporting clients with Eating Disorders at Christmas: ‘Feed your business, whilst nourishing those who invest in it’ By Leah For all of us, it’s Christmas… OH JOY TO THE WORLD! Yet for some, it’s Christmas with an Eating Disorder… ”Get me OFF this world!” From a personal perspective, December & January were the worst monthsContinue reading “All I wanted for Christmas was recovery”