“Please look after yourself, I do worry”

Learning to trust someone with an Eating Disorder again: ‘You step back. You grit your teeth, and you support them in taking teeny tiny risky steps which have the potential to go wrong’ By Leah I committed (or perhaps surrendered) fully to my recovery on the 10th June 2016. I’d hit rock bottom. Literally. AContinue reading ““Please look after yourself, I do worry””

All I wanted for Christmas was recovery

Supporting clients with Eating Disorders at Christmas: ‘Feed your business, whilst nourishing those who invest in it’ By Leah For all of us, it’s Christmas… OH JOY TO THE WORLD! Yet for some, it’s Christmas with an Eating Disorder… ”Get me OFF this world!” From a personal perspective, December & January were the worst monthsContinue reading “All I wanted for Christmas was recovery”

WorkEDout turns ONE!

October 2020 It’s been a YEAR since we launched WorkEDout. A year since a coffee chat turned into a clear cut (ISH!?) campaign. So! What have we learnt so far?! 1. We don’t know everything. We’ll NEVER know everything. We’re learning alongside all the wonderful people who interact, engage, listen and respond to workEDout. EverytimeContinue reading “WorkEDout turns ONE!”