External Resources

Anorexia Bulimia Care (ABC) have created a basic “spotting the signs” of various eating disorders guide which has been created for HR professionals but is a great place to start your education if you’re worried about somebody in your gym or class. You can also have a look at BEAT’s basic tips poster on spotting signs for an easy to engage with reference guide.

Course for individuals

We’re thrilled to have the backing of Anorexia Bulimia Care charity (ABC) in sharing their online CPD course “Understanding Eating Disorders for Fitness Professionals” (CIMPSA-endorsed).

This affordable course is aimed at educating fitness professionals on how to recognise the signs of eating disorders, how to start conversations with clients who are displaying concerning behaviour, and how to sensitively refer clients to professional help if necessary. The course costs £29* and takes several hours to complete.

We definitely feel this course helps fitness professionals reach the aims of our campaign. We believe this course is the only kind in the United Kingdom (but please contact us if you know differently!)

*(course price correct as of September 2019)

Course/live training for fitness establishments

ABC charity also offer live training for fitness institutions, and online course multiple-licensing options if you run a gym or organisation, and want your whole team to access training. Information available at the bottom of THIS PAGE.

More resources

The NHS website offers basic help if you are wondering how to start supporting someone in your life with an eating disorder. It’s not written specifically for fitness professionals, but a lot of it is relatable.

This document, produced by The National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC) in Australia, offered interesting pointers we felt would help fitness professionals reach our campaign aims.

We also want to share this booklet from BEAT which is a guide about eating disorders for friends and family. Some of the content will be useful for fitness professionals who are concerned for a client.

Finally, TrainBrave is an organisation run by Tom Fairbrother and Renee McGregor. As a former eating disorder sufferer and leading eating disorder specialist dietitian respectively, this duo work work mainly within the high performing athlete and professional sportsperson sector.

#TrainBrave aims to raise awareness of – and provide more resources to – athletes about eating disorders (EDs) and relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-s).

We can come in and talk, too

We (Leah and Carly) would be happy to hear from fitness establishments who want us to come in and share our experiences, details of the workEDout campaign an information on available resources we’ve found, to help upskill your staff. Please contact us.

We are also willing to speak to press about our campaign – we feel the topic is woefully underrepresented and needs more air time in order to break down the stigmas surrounding it. Please contact us with questions or ideas.

Leah has recently started speaking at 6th forms in Bristol, sharing her experiences and advice for young adults to protect themselves against developing an eating disorder, avoiding the traps of diet culture, and supporting others who may be suffering, too.

Please note that we are not professionally qualified in mental health or dietary nutrition in any way. We are a fitness professional with a CPD qualification in this subject, and a former eating disorders sufferer, who are willing to share our experiences and research, to aid healthy discussion around eating disorders and the fitness industry.

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