Videos & Research

We’ve created seven short videos introducing the workEDout campaign, sharing our stories, discussing our research findings and giving our recommendations on how fitness professionals can better support clients with eating disorders.
As two relatively non-techy people, we filmed and edited everything ourselves, so apologies that these aren’t professional quality. We just wanted to get our campaign out there.
Each video lasts between 2 and 5 minutes. You can find them all in one place on Youtube by clicking HERE.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

workEDout campaign #1: Introduction to the campaign
workEDout campaign #2: How we met
workEDout campaign #3: Leah’s story from eating disorder to recovery
workEDout campaign #4: Carly’s story from body-positive fitness instructor to eating disorder support advocate
workEDout campaign #5: What we discovered when we spoke to those with eating disorders
workEDout campaign #6: What we discovered when we spoke to fitness professionals
workEDout campaign #7: What we think needs to change in the fitness industry to make it easier for professionals to recognise, support and refer those with eating disorders..
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