workEDout workshops

Does your organisation deals with clients in a health or fitness setting?

Would you like your colleagues/employees to get better educated about ✔️recognising ✔️approaching ✔️supporting and ✔️referring clients with disordered eating?

We can bring a workshop or talk to your workplace, via zoom!

Our workshops – in a nutshell

We’ve delivered workshops for schools, gyms, universities and healthcare professionals. We’ve discussed workEDout campaign on international television and in leading national fitness publications. We tackle the taboo of eating disorders in an approachable, friendly and practical way.

We’re openly discuss our lived experiences of making fitness a safer space for those with signs of disordered eating. We are human-centered in our approach. And we suggest professional (external) resources to encourage your team to further up-skill in this area.

What to expect in our workshops

✔️ Experienced based – we share our personal stories, explore our campaign based insights, and provide resources to enable you to continue the conversation long after the workshop has finished.

✔️ Hosted virtually or in-real-life (*as COVID restrictions allow*).

✔️ Adapted for a timeframe which suits you/your company/workplace (as short as 30 mins, or as long as 2 hours!)

✔️ Interactive and interesting – WE ask questions, YOU ask questions, we talk, discuss and learn TOGETHER.

See more about where we’ve spoken HERE.

If you think your business/workplace could benefit from a workEDout workshop, CONTACT US HERE for our availability and rates.

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