Welcome to the workEDout campaign.

We want to open up the conversation about eating disorders (EDs) in the fitness industry.

We want to make this topic less of a taboo.

We want to empower fitness professionals to educate themselves in RECOGNISING, APPROACHING & REFERRING clients with eating disorders.

We are Leah and Carly – two fitness professionals who believe that conversations around eating disorders in the fitness industry need to start happening.

Together we want to EMPOWER fitness professionals to:

1. RECOGNISE the signs of eating disorders in clients, by furthering their education

2. APPROACH clients sensitively & confidently, when there is concern

3. REFER clients who require specialist support to the necessary services, in a way which feels authentic to the instructor-client relationship

Through all this, we also want to make those suffering from eating disorders feel more comfortable in approaching fitness professionals, safe in the knowledge that they will be supported appropriately. 

We have lived experience within eating disorders and have also sought to conduct adequate research before starting this campaign, to represent the different experiences of others.

Support the workEDout campaign by getting involved

Watch our videos where we discuss our experiences, research and recommendations for fitness professionals who want to increase their education around supporting those with eating disorders.

Head over to our external resources page for details on how to educate yourself on this topic. Here you will also find details on a CPD, CIMPSA-endorsed course run by the Anorexia Bulimia Charity (ABC) This will further your knowledge around recognising the signs of eating disorders, in order to better support your clients with these issues.

Contact us to let us know what you or your fitness establishment are doing to educate yourselves around this subject. Tell us if you’ve been supported by a fitness professional through your journey into fitness after recovering from an eating disorder. Talk to us and let’s start this conversation.